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Everyone from faculty and students alike are embracing the sweeping changes to the music program at Sacred Heart Academy this year. The program has grown tremendously in a period of only six months. In August, there were three groups: orchestra, concert choir and honors choir. As of February, there are now eight distinct artistic ensembles which include gospel choir, show choir, handbell choir, tap dance and lyrical dance. There is sure to be an outlet for anyone wishing to express their creative side.

Mrs. Vesna Mehinovic, hired last summer, is the reason behind this exciting renewal in the fine arts department. With her lively personality and clear passion for music, to which anyone who has spoken with her will attest, she has helped to make the students equally enthusiastic. Sadaf Khokhar (’17) has had Mrs. M as a teacher since fourth grade. She said, “When you see a teacher that enthusiastic about something, it makes you want to do it more.” Other choir students, Gabby Morris (’17) and Michelle Rhodes (’20), also remarked that her passion is what keeps them coming back to rehearsal. At Open House in October, a faculty member remarked, “This is the best the choir has sounded in all the time I’ve been here.” Mrs. M has already done so much good in the short time she has joined the SHA community. Since she inspires so many, I wanted to learn what influences and motivates her.

Mrs. M remarked that has always felt a desire to help people. In second grade she wanted to be a nurse, and as she grew older, she found that music allowed her to do just that.  Being a performer is reciprocal in that one gets joy from creating beautiful music, it brings others joy and that joy, in turn, gives one a feeling of fulfillment. Mrs. M found that that feeling would eventually become her calling in life. In her own words, this is why she is so passionate about music, “Life is tough. We cannot skip that tough part. Music helps people get through the tough times. Music helps people emotionally and spiritually.” As a performer, singing can always take my mind off of what is bothering me. Even just listening to my favorite songs has the same effect, as I’m sure many of you have experienced.

When discussing future plans for the music program, Mrs. M was extremely excited and hopes to further inspire her students by reflecting her love of music. Her goal is for everyone to be involved in some way, whether it is performing or simply appreciating the beautiful sounds that come from months of hard work.

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